Finding Funding Sources: Less is MORE!

Finding Funding Sources: Less is MORE! “I need to apply to as many foundations as possible so that I can increase my chances of getting funded!” “I’ve sent out hundreds of applications, but I haven’t gotten many responses. The few I do get are rejections.” We’ve seen these types of statements many times. People come to us exasperated because their grant writing strategy hasn’t worked. The “throwing out as much as you can to see what sticks” strategy almost never works. Grant writing isn’t...

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Conflict of Interest Policy: Is Your Nonprofit Covered?

Conflict of Interest Policy: Is Your Nonprofit Covered? Foundations are demanding greater accountability and transparency to ensure that ministries avoid conflicts of interest within the organization. In recent years we have seen a number of high profile and embarrassing events featuring ministries acting more like big business than the hands and feet of God. Many of these events were caused by conflicts of interest within the organization related to board structure, salaries, organization...

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The Truth About Grant Writing

The Truth About Grant Writing We’ve all heard that line “You could get a grant for that!” Or even seen those late night commercials advertising how easy it is for you to get grant money to start your business. We get phone calls and emails from people who have been told “The Gates Foundations has millions they want to give away; you just have to ask for it!” or the ever popular “minorities can get millions in grants to start a business!” Don’t be fooled and don’t get swindled by pie-in-the-sky...

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Key Areas to Grant Writing Success

Key Areas to Grant Writing Success Recently Nonprofit Pro featured a blog from Leigh Kessler where he relates fundraising to the marketing he does for Charity Engine. He recounts a story about a great promotion he was doing at a conference that ended up having little engagement: "In a pre-screened target audience of more than 4,000 people who literally spend every day asking people to give them money for their organizations, I only could find 1 percent to take mine!" Through this experience he...

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The Ideal SIZE for your Nonprofit Board

The Ideal SIZE for your Nonprofit Board Ideal board size varies based on three things: 1. The size of the organizational budget, staff, and constituency; 2. The nature of the organization's mission and constituency; and 3. The expected role of the board as defined in bylaws (are they a classic "policy" board, a hands-on "working" board, or a combination of the two?) First, only in exceptional circumstances should a board ever exceed 21 members in size. At this size, I would start questioning...

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Transparency & Accountability: Essentials for High Ethical Standards

Transparency & Accountability: Essentials for High Ethical Standards Wounded Warrior Project has garnered news headlines lately, but unfortunately the attention is not positive. According to a New York Times story, a whopping 40% of the 2014 donations Wounded Warrior received were spent on overhead-that totals about $124 million. The PR Newswire reported that The Patriots Initiative, a top military watchdog group, has refused to grant accreditation to the nonprofit due to its...

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10 Most Destructive Grant Writing Mistakes

  10 Most Destructive Grant Writing Mistakes Many Christian ministries and churches decide they will give grant writing a shot and see what happens. There approach is not planned or deliberate but rather a haphazard approach that does not account for the complexities and specificity of grant development. Grant writing is not hard, but it is very specific. When beginning a grant development strategy is important to plan, invest, and have leadership support. It is best to have a grant...

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What Donors Are Looking For In Your Nonprofit

Why are some nonprofit organizations having an easier time raising money than others? Some of the key insights include: Vocabulary is important because everybody needs. The donors want to know… “Do you have a strategic plan?” “Do your board members donate? If they don’t donate why would we?” “What are there measured outcomes?” It has become so competitive, that organizations which have a strategic plan, measured outcomes, and show an involved board will have a much better chance of securing a...

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Grant Opportunities For Youth Services

Grant Opportunities for Youth Services Youth Advisory Board Grants The State Farm Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is one of the nation's most unique philanthropic programs. Thirty youth from across the country are charged with implementing a $5 million-a-year signature philanthropic grant budget. Through two separate grant programs, the YAB addresses issues critical to communities across the U.S. and Canada by providing grants of up to $100,000 to schools and nonprofits. Grants must address an...

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Why Hire a Grants Consultant

Why Hire a Grants Consultant As nonprofits it is essential to ensure excellent stewardship of the funding entrusted to you. No organization wants to feel as if they are wasting money, and Christian nonprofits all the more because of the great work they have been commissioned to do. We often speak with folks who forgo using outside resources because they feel the cost is not an appropriate investment of their resources. While it is important to discern if the investment is wise, refusing by...

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