Grant/Growth Readiness Analysis®:
Are You In Position To Secure Grants

For ministry’s launching efforts to seek grant funding, engage additional donors, and develop new funding partners in order to grow their mission impact, a critical preliminary step is analyzing the ministry’s organizational readiness to be vulnerable to additional public scrutiny. For our full-service clients, we conduct an individualized Grant/Growth Readiness Analysis® (G/GRA), to identify potential red flags and help the ministry resolve potential issues. businessmeetingHere-4-You Consulting researches and analyzes everything from the documentation of the ministry’s original formation up through the latest board meeting votes and organizational policies. The issues we identify may relate to how the ministry is organized, how it currently operates, or how it manages its budget. Identifying and addressing red flags produces long-term growth and greater ministry impact. It helps to ensure that when we submit grant applications, there is a higher likelihood of success.

The value of an outside objective analysis cannot be overstated. Often, the issues we identify relate to concerning practices that are allowable but are not operational. These are issues the ministry would never notice… but to a funding source… they are thought of simply dormant that could be made active at any time. Recently, Here-4-You Consulting delivered its individualized G/GRA to two clients with amazingly divergent responses. The first ministry, a Christian human services organization primarily serving orphaned and malnourished children. The other ministry, a youth-serving organization offering training and opportunities in ministry. Both ministries have established programs and solid foundations of financial support.

The first ministry’s response to our analysis and an offer to visit their operations was reactionary, defensive, and abrupt. During preliminary research, we detected some warning signs, so continued to research further to ascertain how critical the issues were. The more we researched the more concerning the information was that we uncovered. Upon making our recommendations, the ministry first excused the issues identified on outdated information from the website. They later blamed the misunderstanding on our part and at varying times gave contradictory statements trying to defend how we have simply misunderstood what could be easily explained. The ministry notified us that our recommendations held no merit and eventually communicated a firm decision to cease our relationship with them.

We have no doubt that this ministry will collect ongoing contributions from individuals and partners who have already invested in their work. They will have an impact in the name of Christ. Yet, how much more could be done? This ministry has reached a funding plateau that they cannot exceed if they do not engage new donors and partners. As became apparent during our research, engaging new donors and partners will be difficult without a corrective review of the ministry’s organizational structure and operations. Of course, the priorities do not seem to be related ministry as the numbers of orphans served continues to decrease while funding plateaued and administrative facilities have become more elaborate and upgraded.

The second ministry also had some issues, and their response, too, was swift. They made a decision to discuss our recommendations and act on them in order to become more effective as a ministry and more attractive to new donors and partners. Having received our recommendations, they began developing a strategy to resolve the issues. Embracing constructive advice leads to ministry advancement. Learning from others how to better manage online profiles, conduct efficient board meetings and annual retreats, and track program success can only lead to greater impact for the Kingdom. It is good to have the attitude of our second client: “We’re serious about needing the help and taking it!”

GrowingMinistryIs your current organizational structure holding back the growth of your ministry? Are you reaching as many as you could? Does your staff keep pointing to a lack of funds as the main hindrance to growth yet has overlooked subtle yet significant red flags? There may be a reason your ministry is not attracting major donors or securing grants. Here-4-You Consulting can help determine the answers to these questions through our Grant/Growth Readiness Analysis® (G/GRA). We offer this analysis as a preliminary step before sharing which foundations match the ministry’s mission and programs and definitely prior to submitting requests for funding.

If you contract with Here-4-You Consulting to review your operations, the recommendations made will be objective, professional, with your ministry’s best interests in mind, and should be shared with the ministry’s leadership for consideration and action. We’re in this together for the glory of God and His Kingdom.

If you are interested in beginning a grant writing strategy for your ministry or you have questions about grant writing, please contact us today for a free consultation! We look forward to hearing from you.