Here-4-You Grant Consulting offers grant writing services to organizations interested in applying for government grant funding assistance. Although generally speaking, we can work on any government grant proposal and respond to any government RFA or RFP, we specialize in government grants from within a few specific domains:

  • Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention: SAMHSA, HHS, ACF, ONDCP, CSAP, CSAT, Drug-Free Communities Support Program, etc.
  • Criminal Justice and Delinquency Prevention: OJJDP, DOJ, OJP, DHS, etc.
  • Education: Department of Education, HHS
  • International: USAID, Department of State, U.S. Embassies, & other International Grants. This also includes grants from other governments and other countries supporting nonprofits overseas.

Our Founder, Dr. Jeffrey J. Rodman, began his career as a substance abuse prevention practitioner. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and holds certifications as a Criminal Justice Specialist, Masters Addiction Counselor, Addictions Prevention Specialist, and a Domestic Violence Counselor. He has a private practice focused on Christian counseling with troubled adolescents and their families.

He secured one of the early Drug-Free Communities grants and has worked for coalitions as an employee and served as a coalition member in his own community. Over the years we have secured the Drug-Free Communities Support Program grants for more than 30 different Community Coalition with nearly an 80% success rate!  We know of no other grant writer that has secured as many grants through the DFCSP or who has a record of success as high as Dr. Rodman with Here-4-You Consulting.  In addition to the Drug-Free Communities Support Program and the DFC Mentoring Program, Dr. Rodman also secures funding for Community Coalitions from the STOP Act grant program, SPF-SIG, Tobacco Settlement, and other state, local, and private foundation sources.


“We were just saying how incredibly glad we are to have used your services! We know that it made such a huge difference in our successful [DFC and DFC Mentoring] applications. Your help was invaluable‒thank you!”
⁓Ohio Drug Prevention Coalition, 2010 DFC Grantee

“Thank you, Jeffrey. You really helped pull our work together in a very successful grant. We could not have done it without your help and support.”
⁓Michigan Drug Prevention Coalition, 2011 DFC Grantee

“Thank you very much for your input and feedback on our DFC grant application. Your insight and ideas were very helpful! You and your staff do a wonderful job!”
⁓Sharon M. Schaeffer, MPH, RN, Director of Community Health, Erie County Health Department

Government Grant Development

This involves the development of an individual grant proposal package. Understand that these prices are sample prices based on the DFC Program. The fees may be less for some grant programs and more for others. Generally, the more technical, complex, scientific, or voluminous the RFA the higher the fees. We offer several levels of services for Government Grant Development or can customize a level to meet your needs:

  • Full Application Development: $4,000
  • Non-Competing Continuation Application: $2,000
  • Outline, Samples, 3 Hours of Consultation, & Scoring Review: $1,000
  • Outline & Samples, 1 Hour of Consultation: $500

Additional Services

In addition to grant writing, Here-4-You Consulting can provide services related to grant writing which will often be helpful in advance of applying for grant funding or once the grant funding has been secured:

  • Evaluation Services
  • Developing Action Plans
  • Developing Sustainability Plans
  • Conducting Needs Assessments
  • Environmental Strategies Development
  • Other coalition specific services.

Contact us today to see how we can help!

Here-4-You Grant Consulting provides services based on a flat fee with fees based on a per service basis or based on an established contract for services. In keeping with accepted ethical standards, Here-4-You Consulting will NEVER work on a commission, percentage, or contingency basis.

For Information about our Drug Free Communities Grant Application Development, STOP Act Grant Application Development and more of our services to Community Coalitions, please visit our website or Contact us.

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