Grant Program Management

Once the proposal is funded, we can act as the Program Manager and Evaluator for the project. This type of outside evaluation is valued greatly by grant reviewers and is increasingly suggested or required by funding sources. This also allows you to do what you do best by removing requirements that would ordinarily distract you from your mission and purpose. This will include tracking of funds, monitoring implementation, developing an implementation plan, producing/providing evaluation tools, producing and submitting quarterly (or as required) financial, evaluation, and activity reports.

If desired, these services will be included in each proposal submitted and the fees for these services will be included in the grant budget. Fees for these services will vary depending on the type of grant, the proposed services to be implemented, the requirements of the funding source, and any limitations imposed by the funding source. Typical fees range from 5%-12% of total funds secured. The fees for these services, if desired, will be discussed, negotiated, and approved by your agency before proposal submission.
Additional Expenses

Here-4-You Consulting shall be entitled to reimbursement for the following out-of-pocket expenses: travel expenses, meals during travel, training required/encouraged by individual funding sources, visits for the program site, unusual postage such as overnight, parcels, bulk mailings, and bulk copying. Reimbursement to Here-4-You Consulting will be for the actual costs of these expenses.

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