Here-4-You Consulting is always willing to provide references and contact information from other clients to serious inquiries into our consultation services. Several quotes are included here for your review:

Thank you Here-4-You, all of you. We deeply appreciate you using the talents and skills God has given to each of you for His kingdom work.
Domestic and International Outreach Ministry in Dallas, Texas

Jeffrey has put together a good team around him. The team is current, efficient and pleasant to work with. Team work and good leadership are synonymous.
Christian School (India)

I just finished my first research session with the Christian Funding Directory (CFD). It was very user friendly and intuitive, which greatly reduced the learning curve. A quick overview of the tutorial and I was able to get down to business quickly.

The search results were vastly superior, in terms of relevance, to what I normally get through the Foundation Center. I was also surprised at the foundations that appeared in my searches through the CFD that didn’t show up in searches through other databases.

In addition to that, I was able to find a number of foundations through which we can seek funding for the development of evangelism training materials for our ministry. I am now armed with a long enough list of potential funders to keep me busy at least through the rest of this year, if not into next year. The CFD has already earned a prime spot in our fundraising toolbox.

Homeless Outreach Program in Washington, DC

The Christian Funding Directory] lead us to our first ever grant – $10,000 for computers. We are excited about more grant opportunities [for our Christian School].
Christian School

I must say that I am very pleased with this directory. Now I will be able to use this directory to help a lot of the Churches in South Dallas, Mobile, Alabama and several faith based organizations across the United States.
Church Consultant

In my opinion, every ministry looking for grants should subscribe [to the Christian Funding Directory]
Outreach Ministry

In my opinion, every ministry looking for grants should subscribe [to the Christian Funding Directory]
Outreach Ministry

I have worked with Mr. Rodman for many years now and have admired his hard work and commitment to excellence. Mr. Rodman successfully works across settings and with multiple agencies to support many human services ventures. It is a great pleasure working with Jeffrey Rodman and I can highly recommend his services without reservation.

My experience with Mr. Rodman includes, but is not limited to, working with Mr. Rodman as a consultant to secure a state government grant of $360,000.00 and a federal government grant of $250,000.

Public Schools

It is my pleasure to recommend Jeffrey to you as a man of integrity. Jeffrey is very resourceful and is especially gifted in the area of grant writing. I believe your relationship with Jeffrey will be a rewarding one.
United Methodist Church

I can best speak on Mr. Rodman’s Character and values as his Pastor for three years. I have watched his family grow, baptized his children, and watched him work with young people. He has given presentations, delivered a sermon during a Family Life Series, and became a certified lay speaker…

He has a good heart and is a man you can trust and depend on. He desires to use his skills and abilities to help people and organizations become all they can. It is with high regard that I recommend Jeffrey Rodman to your organization.

Reverend Dr. Randy Orndorff

Senior Pastor, Culpeper UMC

Please allow this note to express my appreciation for a thorough, comprehensive, and helpful web site. I have participated in several workshops at the Foundation Center located in Washington, DC on grant writing, budgeting and more and the information and advise on your site ranks very high in my book! The examples you have presented, the straight forward answers are very useful. I have asked so many people in the past about how grants are processed and I have never received a direct response. Most people I run into believe that grants are an easy way to secure funding, but through my research and by attending workshops, I have finally received direction to help me create proposals for my ministry. I can now pass along your site to others so that the “myth” is dispelled . . . The grant process is not just a drop in the bucket, it takes time, effort and as you’ve expressed, must be in God’s will! Thank you for helping ministries succeed and prosper!
Reverend Phyllicia M. Hatton, M. Div.

Founder and President of Hannah’s Grace

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